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Med. Lab. Technologist Prep Course

Hello Everyone,

I have been asked about this since last year and now, I can say that it is a reality.  I am offering a MLT (medical laboratory technologist) preparation course.  Several of you have expressed concern over the difficulty of the MLT exam.  You passed your technician exam and now you wish to go further.  I was asked to prepare some study sessions and prep exams in order to help you.  I am now ready to begin accepting applicants for the study course.  I am offering weekend and online sessions.  This course is not affiliated with Southern Technical College.  You are not required to take it.  Email me if you would like to learn more:



Hello everyone,

It seems that your favorite time of the term has arrived.  Mrs. Dorsett’s finals are ready.  Study hard.  Remember that the end is near.  You will graduate.  You will be successful.  With that in mind, study because Mrs. Dorsett doesn’t give easy exams.

Now, if everyone studies, you can receive the lovely certificate like the one Damian received for making the Honor Roll last term.  Congratulations to everyone who received an award.  I am proud of each of you.

Mrs. Dorsett


MLT Forum on Monday

Hello Class,

Remember that the MLT Forum is on Monday, 8/20/18 at 1200.  We will have a guest speaker in room 122 at 1130.  The forum will begin at 1200 in room 126.  We will have the Nacho Bar available.

See you there!!!

Remember your goal: Graduation: Below is a picture of our May 2018 graduates.Graduation 05.11.18

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