MT Prep Course

Question: What is the MT Prep Course?

Answer: The MT Prep Course is a mini-course that was designed by Mrs. Dorsett to assist her students who wanted to take the ABB Medical Technologist Exam.  The course consists of a basic exam to see which areas that the student needs to improve upon.  Next, the course consists of a review of key topics within specific areas, i.e. hematology, blood bank, chemistry, microbiology, serology.  After each review, the candidate will be given an exam to demonstrate understanding of the subject.  Mrs. Dorsett will provide phone, email, skype, or face-to-face tutoring in the student’s weakest areas.

Question: How much does the course cost?

Answer:  The price of the course varies depending upon the areas that the candidate needs assistance with and the modality by which instruction is given.  The basic package begins at $150.  I do accept installment payments.

Question: I am interested in learning more.  How do I proceed?

Answer:  Please complete the form to get started.  – Thanks, Mrs. Dorsett

MLT Prep Course Intake Form


2 thoughts on “MT Prep Course

  1. I took the of MLT at southwest college now call southern technical college. And the took the text for MLT twice and didn’t pass one for 5 points and the second time for one point


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