FAQ about MT Prep Course

Hello Everyone,

I have received some questions about the MT Prep Course.  Therefore, I will answer some of them here.

  1. Will this course work for me if I have not completed a technician or technologist program? – No.  You have graduated from an accredited institution for with a degree that allows you to sit for the certification exam.
  2. How does the course work? – I have developed modules that cover topics pertinent to the certification exam.  The student will go through each module to review the information.  The student will then take an exam over the material covered in the module.  There are three options for proceeding from that point.  The first option allows the student access to the material and exams and basic feedback from Mrs. Dorsett.  The second option allows the student to add weekly webinar sessions with Mrs. Dorsett regarding the material presented.  The third option allows the student to add weekly face-to-face sessions with Mrs. Dorsett
  3. What does the modules consist of? – The modules consist of power points, videos, case studies, and pictures.  This varies by topic.  
  4. How long will it take to complete the course? – The basic module is 12 weeks.  Depending upon what you are attempting to accomplish, you can complete one course or you can complete additional modules.  For example, there is a Medical Technology Chemistry module that is 24 weeks.  It can be completed in 12 weeks if the student has sufficient knowledge to complete it.  
  5. Can I complete the module in less than 12 week?  – Yes  This will be discussed on a case by case basis.
  6.  What qualifies you to teach this course? – I am the MLT program manager at a college.  I created the course at the request of my students who wanted extra preparation for their AMT exam.  All of those students have passed their exams.  I was then asked to create information to help students study for the MT exam.  Those students have passed their exams.  I have 10 years of experience as a former exam writer for the NCA, which has now joined with ASCP.  I have more than 25 years of experience in the laboratory and I started my first tutoring business more than 30 years ago.  I understand that students learn differently and teachers must work to teach them so that they can understand the material.  The premise of my teaching style is a holistic approach to learning.  I do not focus solely on memorization, as this technique has not been the most beneficial.    I teach the concepts from each discipline and then I link them together.
  7. How can I get started? – Complete the Intake form on the MT Prep page.  I will send you a link to take a free entrance exam.  This will allow me to determine how I can assist you.  We will then have a phone conference to discuss how to proceed.

Med. Lab. Technologist Prep Course

Hello Everyone,

I have been asked about this since last year and now, I can say that it is a reality.  I am offering a MLT (medical laboratory technologist) preparation course.  Several of you have expressed concern over the difficulty of the MLT exam.  You passed your technician exam and now you wish to go further.  I was asked to prepare some study sessions and prep exams in order to help you.  I am now ready to begin accepting applicants for the study course.  I am offering weekend and online sessions.  This course is not affiliated with Southern Technical College.  You are not required to take it.  Email me if you would like to learn more:  mrs.dorsettclass@gmail.com



Hello everyone,

It seems that your favorite time of the term has arrived.  Mrs. Dorsett’s finals are ready.  Study hard.  Remember that the end is near.  You will graduate.  You will be successful.  With that in mind, study because Mrs. Dorsett doesn’t give easy exams.

Now, if everyone studies, you can receive the lovely certificate like the one Damian received for making the Honor Roll last term.  Congratulations to everyone who received an award.  I am proud of each of you.

Mrs. Dorsett


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